Suryoday Enterprise

Flange Type Cable Gland

We have been manufacturing Flange Type Cable Gland for a long time and have marked our prominence in it. We manufacture Flange Type Cable Gland from bars castings with brass finish, which comprise of brass body, plate clamped with galvanized mild steel studs and nuts. Customers are pleased with the availability of Flange Type Cable Gland at nominal prices.

Material of Construction : Brass
Finish : Brass

Attributes :
  • Accurately machined
  • Finely finished
  • Available with tapered cone for termination of cable
  • Provides firm grip to the armour cable
  • Long performing life
  • Cost effective

Suitable for :
  • Armoured cable
  • Outdoor use

Specifications :
SizeE Dia.L LengthSuitable Cable Overall Dia.
CodeØ 0mmFromTo
FL 515.
FL 419.
FL 319.513.015.019.0
FL 225.016.520.524.5
FL 131.015.524.030.0
FL 1131.015.029.534.0
FL 037.521.032.535.0
FL 0037.520.034.538.0
FL 3842.021.537.042.0
FL 00149.020.540.044.0
FL 00253.521.543.552.0
FL 00360.
FL 003365.025.556.567.0
FL 00475.022.566.076.0
FL 00599.022.575.083.0